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SHUTTERBUGS MEETING FORMAT AND SCHEDULE  (2nd Tuesday, Specific dates to be advised)

1. Begin each Shutterbugs session with a half hour tutorial on Photoshop.
For this to be successful, all members must have a copy of Photoshop. I will get a copy of Photoshop 7 and make a free copy for each member that doesn't have Photoshop, for distribution. I will have a hand-out, outlining the instruction of each session that they can take home to try on their computers. During the Shutterbug meeting I will go through the program on my computer, being projected onto the screen. In that way they can see how subject image is enhanced, ask questions, and have a handout to guide them at home on the same procedure.
I have picked Photoshop 7 as a base for this, as it's the last version of Photoshop that you can copy. It is still a very powerful program capabible of most adjustments in the newer versions. The program presented will also apply to the later versions of Photoshop.

2. Critique of Images for the last hour & a half
The members would e-mail me 3 to 4 of their downsized JEPG images. These would be projected anonymously onto the screen. A Preselected panel of 3 salon photographers would critique each image for the strong points, weak points and how the image could be improved. Questions from the floor about any of these comments would be entertained. The only person that would know the photographer would be me. I would renumber each image and forget who just sent the picture ( with my old brain, that won't be difficult). This has proved to be very entertaining in other clubs, and a powerful learning tool. As the members try this, we may have to limit the number sent in to me, depending on time requirements.
Size requirements of the images must be 900 px on the largest side, and less than 100 dpi and JEPG. For the first session, if a member doesn't know how to downsize their images, just sent them to me, and I'll downsize it for you. I'll make that one of the first instructions.
If anyone has any further ideas on these two items, please contact me, so that we can discuss this.
Jerry Stone